Wyoming Youth Football Association

5th Grade

My name is Bruce Davis and I am the Head Coach of WYFA’s Fifth Grade team.  I am the father of two children, and my son is a member of the 5th grade team. I have been with the program since 2009 and took the position of head coach two years ago.  I have been an assistant coach under several WYFA coaches and that experience has positioned my team and I to be successful.  I grew up involved in many sports but my heart is in football and basketball.  My coaching staff consists of dedicated parents with the diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to create a fun, safe, and learning environment for the children.  Our goals are to teach the children the meaning of football, the meaning of competition and responsibility; as well as the importance of teamwork.  My coaching staff also understands the importance of what we refer toas the 3’C’s; that is for our kids Competent, Confident, and Complete young men and women by the end of their youth football experience. Our program is designed to be bigger than football.  Football is the vehicle we use to drive the 3 C’s our boys and girls need to be successful in life.  We are the Superbowl Champions of 2012 and we are hunting for more! My team is looking forward to another fun-filled season……. 

Buckle up because The Cowboys are gonna take any and every one for a ride!

Assistant Head Coach:
Mel Green
Assistant Coaches:
Mitch Morris
Trent Neely
Jamila Wright
Team Mom:
Kelli Wiley