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Our Mission Statement:

The Wyoming Youth Football Association (WYFA) provides boys and girls in Wyoming and our surrounding communities with an age appropriate football and cheerleading program. We select head coaches based upon their knowledge of the game, their character, and we support them in their management efforts. Teamwork is encouraged over personal glory. Most importantly, WYFA guards the safety of our youth and we promote a high level of sportsmanship in defeat as well as in victory. We will teach our players and cheerleaders to respect themselves, their teammates, coaches, family and the community at large.

Welcome to Wyoming Youth Football and Cheerleading (WYFA).   If you are new to WYFA and are just checking us out by way of surfing the net, I want to encourage you to take a good look at our program.  Our program started in May of 2007 with the efforts of Tim and John Marty.  WYFA is part of the Southern Ohio Youth Football Association Inc. which is a competitive youth football league.  We will play teams such as Oak Hills, Harrison and Three Rivers.  We also play competitive teams outside of our league and some of our teams play in the “Battle in Rocky Top” Youth Football Classic.  To play for WYFA, you must not reside in an existing SYOFAI region.    

This year, we will ramp up our efforts to develop inside and outside of the game of football. Like last 
year, all WYFA coaches take concussion training, and are USA Football Certified including Heads up.  Heads Up is USA Footballs national initiative to help make the sport of football better and safer.  Your young football player will learn the fundamentals of best practices and techniques of this wonderful team sport. More importantly, they will learn how to play the game safely.  Although not guaranteed, with the implementation of the Heads Up program and techniques, WYFA has not seen very few concussion. Our concussion numbers are lower than most other youth sports.  

Mel Green, President
Wyoming Youth Football Association    

Practice: 7/18-8/11 7-9pm T,W,TH

Practice: 8/16-11/10 6-8pm T,TH


“To be a better football player than you've ever been, you have to do something you've never done.”
                       -Felicity Luckey


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